Computer Presentation

My mentor suggested that I make it so that when people use the computer to view the images they just have to click on one image to begin a slideshow of that students images and accompanying audio. I tried a test of this on my blog. I didn’t want to change to this because at the moment the viewer will click on each individual image and hear the audio for each, which gives them more control. I always wanted the viewer to be able to explore the images in the order that they want to because I wanted to steer away from the typical linear presentation, which dyslexics don’t appreciate. This way they can flit from one idea to the other as often dyslexics do. However I will keep the test version for people to view on my blog because it works well for people who are nit coming to the exhibition. I actually found that the video version of the audio with images goes on very long and the viewer might loose attention. Particularly with the students who have a large number of images, the viewer might want to be able to click on the ones they find most interesting. I feel this would hold their attention more.

Sample below of the tester from my mentors suggestion.


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