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First Lesson on Digital Media

Our first lesson on digital media with Mez was very interesting but daunting at the same time. It was weird sitting in the class because I did not understand a single syllable Mez was saying, it sounded very complicated and I felt that at first I was the only person who probably did not understand what she was saying. If anything I was wrong, everyone in the class was feeling how I was feeling.

Another thing that was annoying was that I had found out that my domain name that I had got from was telling me that I owed them money, and that they were going to take me to a debt collector. I was not the only person who was having this problem with, I think half the class were having this problem with them.

One thing that me and my classmates have learnt from this experience is that to make sure we do not get fines again we need to cancel our subscription with 10 weeks before the next pay date.

I am looking forward to the next lesson I have with Mez. I know these lessons are going to be hard at first to get to grips with, but hopefully I will be able to understand what Mez was saying in the first lesson. I look forward to seeing what I have learnt.


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