Today I worked with Ruth on her images. Ruth is a mature student in her final year studying art at University. She was not at all afraid of writing or drawing on the images. She was very chatty with me, in fact we chatted so much that I completely forgot to take a photo of her. She told me about how she enjoys spending her social time relaxing on weekends away in the countryside, making art-work or going to the pub with friends almost like a reward for having done her University work. Although in parts Ruth’s images told a negative story of her experience with dyslexia; in the end the pictures started to show the success she has had and the attitude she now has when she has succeeded which shows her determination.


Her images were very creative, they show her personality really well and her use of pens, paints and tissue paper add a lot to show her way of thinking. I am glad I have the audio recording of Ruth talking about the photographs too because some of them need explanation. But I like this because I want the audience to have to pay attention in order to understand the stories.


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