Today I worked with Leanne to start drawing on her images. Leanne is in her first year of a sports therapy course and is thoroughly enjoying her university experience as well as living away from home. Not all of her prints had turned out well so I gave her another disposable camera to retake the images that she really wanted to show me. She seemed to be enjoying working on the images that had turned out and wasn’t afraid to write on them either.

As she was working on her images Leanne opened up to me about only recently having found out she was dyslexic whilst at university, and what a relief it was. At first she didn’t want to tell anyone that she was dyslexic because she was afraid she would get picked on. However, although it is still quite new to her, she is already recognising that there are some things she is stronger at and so can see how having dyslexia can be a benefit. She was still waiting to hear back about specialist equipment that can help people with dyslexia to study, so I showed her the program I use. We started talking about other people we know who have dyslexia and that to some of them the text appears to be moving but not to Leanne, so it can be different for everyone.

From the finished images I can see that she is not afraid of using writing to explain things, but she is also very good at visually getting her message across. So it’s like the writing adds another layer of meaning.


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