Today I worked with Julia to draw on her images. Julia is a third year Global Sustainability student who found out she was dyslexic the year before she came to University. She is happy and proud to be dyslexic. She sees the world as a more colourful and funny place because of it, for example when she reads signs wrong or misses’ words out of books and makes them up instead. Her daughter is also dyslexic and they like to help each other out with written work because although they both have dyslexia they usually spot each others mistakes and feel at ease to show each other their work because they understand one another’s difficulties. However she still feels uncomfortable showing other people her work because she thinks it must be wrong or make no sense. This comes from her experience of education in schools, which was often negative and unhelpful back when her dyslexia was undiagnosed.

Julia produced a strong set of images that she drew and wrote on for me which show her feelings very well.


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