Today I worked with Jenny on her images. Jenny is in the first year of the Photography course and enjoyed taking the images with the disposable camera.

Whilst drawing she told me she had only found out she was dyslexic in October and had been helped by her sister during school because she didn’t like asking for help from teachers. When I asked her how she feels having just found out, she said she feels fine about it; infact she likes to use it as an excuse for forgetting appointments and times etc. She wasn’t aware that dyslexia could help you see things visually but she did think dyslexia made you more creative and is glad her strengths are things like dance, art and photography because she gets to do a creative course at university when other people choose subjects like physics because they are good at them but don’t necessarily enjoy them.

Jenny used pens to do a mixture of drawn and written on expression on top of her images. A lot of her images were about people that support her such as her sister and her friends.


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