Amy P

Today I worked with Amy on her images. Amy is in her second year of an Occupational Therapy course but has known she was dyslexic since junior school. She tends not to tell people that she is dyslexic unless they ask her because she worries it will count against her or be seen as a weakness. This might be because she doesn’t know any other dyslexics on her course. From talking to Amy it seems she has had similar experiences to myself in education. She found that there wasn’t enough help in school, but thinks the dyslexic support at University is better. However she wanted to get involved in this project because the opportunity to show the positive side of having dyslexia interested her.


As with the other students, Amy wasn’t afraid to write and draw on the images. She has some really interesting visual ideas, is very colourful and creative. I can relate to quite a few of her images such as the one of her leaving the house, ready and willing to go to University. I had forgotten this, but now I remember feeling the same when I first started University.



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