Amy G

Today I sat down with Amy G who is a final year law student, to work on her images. Amy shared lots of her experiences of dyslexia with me whilst she was busy drawing and painting on the photographs. She found out she was dyslexic when she was seventeen. At first she was a little upset but mostly relieved to find out why her written skills were so poor in comparison to her verbal skills. One of the reasons she chose her course was because some of the assessments were done as a presentation instead of coursework. Nowadays she forgets about her dyslexia until it comes to writing essays or applying for jobs. At the moment Amy is doing well, getting marks in the 60’s and strives to be a solicitor but doesn’t really consider dyslexia to be an advantage or disadvantage to her. She does need to read and re-read text to understand it but never really signed up for dyslexic support until this year to apply for extra time in her exams because she felt it would be like admitting defeat. Although she has had to compromise a lot of her social activities to concentrate on University Amy is determined to succeed and not let her dyslexia hold her back from doing what she wants.

Amy used lots of the pens to draw on her images and began to use paint too. By the end of the session Amy had made all of her photographs really colourful.


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