I have been experimenting with how I will present my final images in the degree show. I took inspiration from the tendency dyslexics have to pin notes and pictures on the wall as a visual reminder, and so decided to pin my images to the wall.

My original idea was to pin lots of small images to the wall close together touching each other, however when I did this it looked really overbearing, perhaps because they were all the same size.

My next stage was to take my mentors advice onboard and make the portrait images bigger. I had been struggling with how to position the portrait images but Suky had suggested making them bigger to make them stand out.  When I tried this it did help them to stand out which was better but the display still looked overcrowded as a whole with the images all touching one another.

Following on from this I tried spacing the images out evenly and found that this made the images much easier to browse. So I have now decided to have lots of small images pinned to the wall, with the portraits printed larger and spacing in-between them.

I feel that now when you stand back to view the exhibition it makes quite an impact. The 350cm long by 110cm deep display makes good use of the spacing and allows the viewer to browse through all the images in ant direction they want to. Below is how it will look in the gallery with the computer presentation.


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