Permission from students

Once I had edited down and chosen my final collection of images I needed to get permission from the students who took the images to exhibit them. I designed a short permission form for them to sign, which explained that I would have full ownership and copyright of the images to use at the exhibition, on the Internet or however I see fit (which means I can also use them after my degree show). So I have been arranging to meet up with each of the students for them to sign the form and me to take a photograph of them. It has been hit and miss trying to find times when they are available to do this during exam season but most of them have met me now and it has been nice to catch up with them again and update them on how my works going.

I also need to break the bad news to those whose photo’s I won’t be using in the exhibition this time. There were some images that I would have liked to include but because of the limited space in the gallery I couldn’t include them all, so I had to edit out any images that were repeated and any that were similar but not as strong. I will be making phone calls to those student’s whose work wont be featured in the exhibition to thank them and let them know that they are still welcome to come to the degree show but not to be disappointed that their work isn’t on the wall.


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