Fred Richin

My decision to create an exhibition using photographs taken by other people reminded me of the interview with Fred Richin that we listened to in Phonar. One of the key topics he discussed was the difference between professional and amateur photographers. He proposes that it is not such a technical question anymore now that almost everyone has camera phones, so instead it is a question of what we do with those images. Both amateurs and professionals capture raw material but it is the addition of a narrative that captures the reader. Similarly it is not more media that allows us to create good narrative, but multimedia. He explained how this new technology when used professionally can allow the reader to be engaged in the witnessing process, get a real sense of the issues, and in this way act as a mesh between what’s within and outside of their environment.

Although the photograph’s featured in my final major project were taken by others, it is my editing and storytelling that has created this experiential piece of work for viewers to enjoy. I could have taken the photographs of dyslexic students but instead I wanted to provide insight into what its like to have dyslexia from many different points of view. I shaped the story by providing a framework of questions for the students to base their images on, and prompted them to talk about each one in interview.


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