Feedback from mentors

Today’s class was an opportunity to present our final major project work so far to our mentors. Suky Best has been mentoring me during this module. Since our last tutorial I had taken onboard Suky’s suggestions so I was keen to show her the progress I had made. I was also keen to get extra feedback from Tom Hunter who was also present.

Suky thought the audio interviews were fantastic, and Tom agreed the work was very interesting. Suky suggested simplifying the way the online images navigate around because when people are in an exhibition it can be hard to keep their attention. One way I could do this would be make it so that when you click on one image you hear the whole audio story, which continues to play as you browse the other images.

Suky and Tom agreed that the images on the wall did not necessarily need to be the same ones as were featured on the computer. Pinning the chosen images onto the wall will be a suitable way of presenting my work, but Suky did suggest printing some of the images bigger than others so that they are not all the same size. So I will think about maybe making the portrait images bigger.

Overall I was really pleased with my feedback. I was pleasantly surprised that Suky particularly liked the audio because previously she had not seemed to understand the importance of including it. The new feedback I have received is useful to me as I am about to start finalising my method of presentation and will take this onboard.

It was also interesting to see other people’s work in the class and the stages they were at because it made me feel on track with my project. I have felt under quite a lot of pressure not to upset anyone because I have had to make decisions as to which participants work to include or not to include, so I was relieved to see that people approve of my decisions and like my work.


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