Base Track

Now that I have built up an idea of how I want to present my final major project; as images pinned on the wall and as a series of linked images on the computer, I decided to revisit some of the transmedia examples we were shown during the Phonar module with Mike Lusmore.

Transmedia is a hub where we can use multimedia together with social networking as a platform to share material. We looked at some examples of these including a website called ‘Bottoming Out’ which created a support network for gambling addicts, and a website ‘Base Track’ which connected friends and family who had loved ones at war. I liked both of these as I liked the way these people were able to communicate online who otherwise wouldn’t know each other.

Although my method of exhibition will not incorporate social media, it will use multimedia to tell the stories of the dyslexic students who took the images. Mike discussed that good storytelling requires a balance of good photography and a good story. He says we must engage our audience in a way that will satisfy them by building up layers of media that will give the audience the best representation of the story. This is what I am trying to do by adding layers of information to the photographs in the form of drawings, audio and letting the viewer interact with the ones displayed on the computer. The Base Track website allowed you to click on a location on the map, see an image of a soldier based there and hear audio recordings of their story. I really liked the way that the viewer has control over the order they view the images in and this is what I want to achieve with my computer installation.


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