Proposal presentations

Today we all got together as a class to present the ideas around our proposal’s for our final year projects. The idea behind presenting in this way was to receive feedback from the tutor but also from our peers on how we could develop our projects further. I presented my ideas to the group who were already familiar with my topic from the symposium but did not know how I had developed the idea into a photography task for dyslexic students to take images with disposable cameras and draw / write on them to show their experiences of being dyslexic at university.

The group seemed really interested in my ideas. I passed around the trial images I had made and drawn on, and they really liked the personal quality that the drawings and the writing brought to it. Paul said that in-fact these trial images seemed even more aesthetically pleasing than the annotated images I had previously shown from my body of work with dyslexic school children. This was re-assuring because it had been suggested to me that the adults doodle’s might not have been as free and interesting as the children’s ones because adults can be more reserved. I plan to use lots of different materials such as pens, paints and metallic markers for the adults to draw on their images so that I will keep this interesting quality in the images from the students. Therefore Paul agrees it will be nice to display some of the images as artefacts as well as on the monitor so that the viewers can appreciate this quality.

It was questioned whether some students with extreme forms of dyslexia would feel comfortable writing on the images, but I don’t mind spelling mistakes or drawings instead of writing so this should not be a problem.

The way that this project will uncover the student’s personal experiences of dyslexia (that they may never have shared before) reminded Danielle of a famous project called ‘post-secrets’. The post-secrets project was created by sending blank post-cards to people asking them to anonymously return to the sender with a secret written on the back. The collection of post-card secrets was then made into an exhibition and the collection is still growing. I am going to look into this body of work out of interest.


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