Is it time to rethink dyslexia?

I read an article called ‘Is it time to rethink dyslexia?’ which caught my attention with it’s opening sentence; “Far from holding you back in life, the latest neuroscience suggests dyslexia may be a real advantage – we just need to think about it differently.” This is true of the paradigm shift we are currently going through about the way people view dyslexia. People are starting to accept that dyslexia comes with strengths as well as weaknesses but there is still a long way to go to change the idea that dyslexia is a disability. For my symposium I looked into creativity as a possible strength of dyslexia and presented my research about why there are more dyslexic’s on creative courses (including photography) within higher education. It is thought that many dyslexics excel at creative subjects and careers because they have a visual literacy that allows them to see things differently. This article addresses that one of the biggest problems in our education systems is that they haven’t adapted to this visual language that in fact can benefit all learners. At university level there is some support in place to help dyslexic’s reach their potential, but in secondary education many dyslexic’s are still being unsupported. Therefore I have chosen to show the experience of having dyslexia as a student at university through my final major photography project. Just like my own personal journey of negative experiences and challenges that I faced through my education, many of the dyslexic students making these images had stories to tell that may give invaluable insight into this condition. I know I never thought I could get to university and get a degree, but by focusing on my own strengths and the advantages my dyslexia has brought me I have. And I hope my work will encourage others to see dyslexia as a difference, and not a disability. I would also like my work to inspire people with dyslexia to have the self-belief that they can do anything they set their mind to.



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3 responses to “Is it time to rethink dyslexia?

  1. Hi Larrisa, am really looking forward to seeing your final project. As much as my dyslexcia was a real pain in the arse and was the reason I spent all of my schooling in remedial classes, I am very aware it is also the reason that we excell at many other things.
    Jason Tilley

  2. Hi Larissa, I’m really looking forward to seeing your final project. As much as my dyslexcia was a real pain in the arse and was the reason I spent all of my schooling in remedial classes I am also aware that it is the reason we excell at other things.

    Jason Tilley

    • Thank you for the comments Jason. I am so happy your looking forward to seeing my work at the Degree show. 🙂 Dyslexia has it ups and downs but with the right help it shouldn’t be a problem! and i do believe it makes you stronger and better person! I know personally now i couldn’t live without my dyslexia. see you the at the degree show! 🙂

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