Getting the cameras back

So getting the cameras back seemed to go ok except a lot of people wanted more time. So although I had originally planned to get all the cameras back by Monday, some people had asked to give them me back on Wednesday, which I agreed to.

A slight problem occurred when I went to meet one student that I had arranged to meet in the Hub to return her camera. We planned to meet by the lift but she was on one side of it and I missed her because I was on the other. So from this I learnt that I ideally needed mobile numbers and not just to rely on email addresses to make sure I can contact them when needs be.

I had one student ask me to post-pone it to the following week because he was in the middle of his dissertation, so I said that was fine because I did not want to jeopardise his coursework.

I got most of the cameras back on the Wednesday but once again a few people wanted more time so I gave another extension until Friday.

One student that I met on Wednesday to return the camera hadn’t taken the images because she had actually spent the week panicking about what she was meant to do. Even though when I first met her I had given my number to call me if she needed any help, she still spent a week panicking because as with a lot of dyslexics she had built herself up to think she might get it wrong. So I had to sit her down and explain everything to her and then she decided to give it another go so I gave her another week. Once again I told her to give me ring if there were any problems. This is another side of dyslexia; the anxiety of getting something wrong. In the classroom this anxiety often comes from past experiences, so I knew not to be harsh or angry that she hadn’t done it or got it wrong so instead I calmed her down and discussed with her what we could do from here.

I noticed that a lot of people who gave the cameras back reported that they found it hard to make images of their social life. When I asked why this was it was because they were so busy studying they don’t usually find the time to socialise until after a hand-in. Then I realised I too am the same. Now thinking about it that was to be expected, I don’t know why I didn’t think of that. But it interests me that this might be a familiar trait with many dyslexics (not just me) that they feel they have to work hard to get their work done before relaxing and socialising. Also this might link with the anxiety trait of dyslexia. I know that if I have work to do I feel anxious until I have it finished, so whereas my friends try to get me to take a break I cant always do that until I have finished the piece of coursework. Some of the students offered me photographs of themselves socialising from before, because they do like to socialise but usually when they don’t have a deadline.


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