Elle Magazine image of Courtney Love

Whilst preparing for the students to come in and write / draw on their photographs I remembered an image that had caught my attention for it’s drawn on annotations from when I was studying for my art foundation year. The image was taken by Jan Welters of Courtney Love for Elle Magazine in January 2009 and has been written and drawn on by Courtney in bold black marker pen. I liked how this effect catches the viewers attention and makes them spend time looking at the graffiti to understand the image. The writing acts like an extra layer of information to get the viewer thinking. This image is the first one that I saw that I remember really got me thinking about this style of photography. Since then I have always been drawn back to this idea of adding drawing and writing directly onto photographs for extra information. I enjoyed doing this with the dyslexic children at the SPLD unit and now I am looking forward to seeing how the images that the adults with dyslexia have taken will turn out.


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