Boots letting me down with the cameras!

I ordered my cameras with and was meant to collect them in store on Wednesday morning. I had a confirmation email and had spoken to a lady in-store to confirm they would be ready for Wednesday. I stressed to the people I spoke to that it was an important order because it was for a university project that I am doing. When arriving at the store on Wednesday there was no sign of the cameras. It took 45miutes until we came to the conclusion after various calls to head office, that the cameras would not be here for another four days. They did offer to give me some disposable cameras from the stores stock to take, but they weren’t the same (they had different blue and pink children’s casings on) when I had specifically ordered the silver cameras so that they would be universal for my mixture of male and female participants. But I had to take them because I had arranged to meet people later that day to give the cameras out. I still didn’t get my full number of 20 cameras because they only had 11 in store. This left me extremely angry because I specifically didn’t go with the other company I found online because I thought Boots would be a more reliable company. I didn’t expect such a large UK company to mess it up this badly. As well, a phone call would have been nice to let me know the cameras weren’t in before I went all the way down to the store. Instead all I got was an email a few days later telling me there was a problem with the order. Once again I think this is unacceptable. It seems that Boots have got a problem with their communication to their customers. They seem happy enough to take the money off their customers but are too slow to inform them of any problems. I think maybe this communication should be worked on to better their customer service.

So what makes this even more of a joke and makes me annoyed with them even further is that I heard nothing off them all weekend and had to ring them myself on Monday morning to find out that the cameras were ready to collect in store. They knew full well that this order was urgent for my project. I think this is such a let down for Boots and will not be relying on them in the future. This has wasted my time and money and has meant rearranging to meet people, and they don’t really seem to be bothered in the slightest.


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