‘In The Mind’s Eye’ and ‘The Dyslexic Advantage’

Two books that I used in my symposium and are going to be relevant in this project are ‘In the Mind’s Eye’ and ‘The dyslexic advantage’ because they look at dyslexia in a different way. They look at the key strengths and the positive side of having dyslexia. I think when I’m working with such a range of dyslexics that are in different subjects it will be interesting to see what they think their key strengths are.  The books talk about dyslexic’s abilities to see the world in a different way. I want to attempt to show this to other people by asking dyslexic students to photograph their world within university. This positive mind-set about the advantages of having dyslexia is quite up and coming at the moment (these were the only two books I found in my research that did not focus on the disadvantages of having dyslexia). So my project will hopefully be an ongoing development to encourage more and more people to move into this way of understanding dyslexia as an advantage.


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