Trial run with drawing / writing on images

I wanted to test to see what the images would look like once I’d drawn / written on them. So I used a couple of the images that I had taken on the previous trial to see if this would work. When talking to my tutor about this idea he said it might not work as well as it did with the school children because children are a lot more free with their expressions when drawing on an image compared to adults. I did take this thought on board but I feel that actually dyslexics are used to creative scribbling because dyslexics work in such a way to get their ideas out that they do ‘attack pieces of paper’ without worrying about being neat, so won’t be afraid to graffiti the images. This seems to be the case for myself and many of my dyslexic friends, as well as the dyslexics I have worked with.

From looking at the images that I drew / wrote on I do feel it gives the image another added layer. It gives the viewer something else to look at and to piece together so it will give them insight into what it feels like to be dyslexic, more so that just the image by itself. I also like the fact that the drawing / writing makes the pieces a one off personal artefact.

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