Meeting with dyslexic support

So I went to the dyslexic support and talked through my ideas on what I wanted to do for my FMP and if they could help. I showed them previous work that I had done at Langley secondary school and showed them some sample images I had taken explaining my idea. They told me that they couldn’t give me the names of the people that were dyslexic but they might possibly be able to send out an email allowing them to contact me. They said they were unsure if people would want to get involved because a lot of people like to keep their dyslexia a secret as they don’t want people t know. I thought though, I’d be interested if I received an email about this and I cant be the only person who isn’t ashamed of being dyslexic and that actually thinks of it as a positive. They also said that they would have to ask a couple of people to see if it was ok to send this email back and they would have to get back to me. As well they said that if they were allowed they would like to see the work afterwards and would like to use it in the future as it would be a nice way of explaining dyslexia.

They have agreed to send out the email. Below is a copy of the email. This got sent out to 748 dyslexic students so now I have to sit and wait and see who wants to get involved.


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