Border Film Project

The border film project was conducted by Rudy Adler, Victoria Criado and Brett Huneycutt. They handed out six hundred disposable cameras to two groups on opposite sides of the U.S. Mexico border. The first group were undocumented migrants crossing the desert and the second were American Minutemen volunteers who were there to stop the migrants from crossing. From the cameras returned to them the authors produced the book of the images taken along the border. The photographs documented scenes of interest such as men hoping fences, riding trucks and sleeping in the desert, but most importantly gave us as the viewer an otherwise inaccessible insight into the conflict from both points of view.

My final year project will be on a smaller scale but I am handing disposable cameras over to the dyslexic students rather than making the images myself because I too think the individual insight that will be gained is what is going to be the main point of interest for this body of work. I understand my own advantages and viewpoints as a dyslexic but I am also interested to learn from the students studying a variety of other courses- what their experiences of dyslexia at university have been. I feel that my audience for my exhibition will also be engaged by the insight into each individual’s world as I will display a combination of photographs that the students have taken and drawn on with audio of their stories in an intimate viewing space.


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