Wendy Ewald

Whilst searching for other projects that use photography as a visual language I came across Wendy Ewald’s teaching program called ‘literacy through photography’ and her book ‘I Wanna Take Me a Picture’. Wendy takes the idea that making pictures can be beneficial, like a form of therapy and uses it to teach children to express themselves with photography. She says that: “For those of us who have used cameras, photography offers a language that can draw on the imagination in a way we may have never thought possible before.” The program (which she now teaches to school teachers and parents) involves teaching people to read the language of photography and the emotions of an image. Children are given cameras and set tasks to photograph their dreams. The way in which she encourages the students to take images that they think expresses their dreams or thoughts is relevant to my final year project. Rather than photographing the dyslexic students, I also want to hand the camera over to them and encourage them (with my list of questions as prompts) to show me their world. I would also like to develop a framework as she has done which could be rolled out to other areas of education, not only to help dyslexic’s to express themselves but to give more people an understanding of dyslexia.


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