Trial run of the layout of each person’s story

When getting all the images and sound recordings back I need to decide how it works best together. I want to present the images and sounds to the viewer in a way that reflects how a dyslexic thinks, again adding yet another dimension of insight into the dyslexic experience. So I will present each person’s collection of images as an interactive mind map that allows the viewer to browse around their story in a non-linear fashion, choosing to go back and forth within the mind map in any direction they want.

When thinking about the degree show and how to present, I still want to have a computer for the audience to use to try and to flick through different peoples experiences of dyslexia. So I need to experiment with this on different programmes. I thought it would be a good idea to use my wall-space to display the portraits and then one girl’s and one boy’s story on the wall to also allow the viewer to appreciate the physical prints that have been drawn on. They will be deliberately small prints designed to be viewed up-close which will show how personal the images are. This is one way of thinking of laying it out, but this could change.


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