Ideas for Final Major Project

So when thinking about ideas for my final major project, firstly I looked at all my sketchbooks and all the work I had been doing over the past three years and what had interested me and had worked well. I knew I wanted my FMP to be about dyslexia. The work that I felt that went well over the past three years was the work that I did at work experience- working at a dyslexic school, mentoring and teaching children with dyslexia. In Phonar I used dyslexia as a network to encourage dyslexics to talk about their experiences of being dyslexic in school. In my symposium I spoke about the advantages of having dyslexia when it comes to the visual language. So I still wanted to explore this further. The mind map below shows initial ideas of how I could take this work further.

From my original mind map I came up with four ideas that could turn into projects for my FMP. My first one was my childhood experience of dyslexia. When I was younger it was a fight through education because of my dyslexia and people not understanding it. So I thought if I could go back to when I was younger and how I felt and photograph and use old diaries so people could get this understanding of how it was to be dyslexic if you don’t have the support. I don’t think I’m going to use this idea as I feel it could be quite a negative view on dyslexia and at the moment my works gone on the positive side and I would like to carry that on as at the moment- at my time of life I would like to focus on the positives.

My second idea was to go into a junior school and work with children that have dyslexia. Because I’d already worked at Langley secondary school I didn’t want to carry on with this age group because I felt I had already done quite a big body of work with them. But I wanted to see the difference in ages, if there was a difference in their views of dyslexia. Once again what put me off on this idea was that they might have quite a negative view of dyslexia because they would of only quite recently found out they were dyslexic and they wouldn’t really understand what dyslexia is and if there are any positives because at the moment they couldn’t really read or write and need to get those skills up. Like I said previously I feel from the work I’ve done so far that this idea wouldn’t follow on so well. I wanted instead to focus on the positives.

My third idea was to look at the experience of having dyslexia at university. So from previous works that I’ve done; I’ve worked at secondary school level, looking at children that have dyslexia I could do the junior school but I felt it could be negative and as I wanted to carry on with the positive way. My next step would then be going into further education. I thought to look at people at university they would have already been through the education system, they wouldn’t have let their dyslexia stop them and they would have been successful and would be able to give some positive sides of being dyslexic. Also because they are that bit older they would be more open minded to looking at dyslexia in a different way. They probably could give their experience of how they felt at the beginning of their course having dyslexia and how they feel now.

My fourth idea was to go to a prison and photograph and work with people that have dyslexia. So looking into how the education system had failed them, how they had gotten into this situation and if they blamed their dyslexia as such. This idea really interests me but once again I feel it could be negative and different from the body of work I’ve done so far it wouldn’t really fit. But it is something that I might like to do in the future.

So from all my ideas and my though processes of where to go with my final major project I think I’m going to go with idea three; the experience of dyslexia at university. I feel I’ve got the right connections and contacts to be able to do a good body of work and if I left this until after I’ve left university I may not be able to do this as well. Also because I’m at university at the moment I should have their respect and they will know that I’m doing it for the right reasons. I hope that at university there will be all different types of students in different areas with dyslexia it will give me quite a broad mixture to look at. I can see if there is difference between subjects and dyslexia, different views.


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