Publication Group

I was a part of the publication group. This was a group that decided not to do a London exhibition but to create a book instead. I wanted to be a part of this as I thought it was something different / a new set of skills to learn as I would be doing the Coventry degree show anyway. At first the group meetings went well, some people didn’t turn up so we decided as a group they should leave because we needed full commitment from the group. We all wanted to create a one off piece that could not be produced again, so that when the person received it they would consider it special and not want to throw it away. We discussed having the text embossed that we all agreed would be worth the extra cost. I looked some quotes for getting the books made, but Becky got some better quotes so we decided to go with those. Dean got Rick to design the book and the layout which was really good because I wasn’t sure about the layout and he had experience of creating books before. I gave him my text and images (not the final ones as they were still being created) which was good to see a mock layout / a visual idea of how it would look inside.

What I had noticed was I didn’t like the front cover and no one seemed to be putting any ideas forward so I took it upon myself to suggest different ideas with Rick which might work better. I didn’t want to be in charge of the front cover but I thought someone needed to step up to take charge of it. Rick was great because he trialled different ideas and colours etc.


Unfortunately the group were not very good at communicating about which designs they did and didn’t like which worried me that they might keep quiet and then say at the last minute that they weren’t happy with it. Ironically this is what happened and some members of the group dropped out over it. This financially strained us because it was last minute so we realised we could not carry on with the book. This upset me as I had tried to get them to communicate their opinions from the beginning, but instead they left it to the last minute, dropping out which forced us to cancel the publication. It felt like all the hard work put in for the book was for nothing.

Other things I had been doing for this publication was exploring the possibility of using brown paper that I could get with my discount from work to package the books giving them that special feel but Danielle said she could get the paper for free from her work which was even better as it was one less cost. When we looked into the wax stamp Dean came up with a good alternative gold sticker as he had discovered wax stamps were problematic with the postage machines, and the gold stickers were much cheaper so we decided to go with those. Even though this book didn’t get made I still learnt a lot about teamwork. Maybe we should have collected money as commitment sooner. And working with Rick taught us how to develop ideas and that the first idea isn’t always the one you use.


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