Logo for the degree show.

During the initial stages of our group branding at ‘Exposure 24’ I designed a number of possible logos to show to the group. These were shown along with other people’s logo ideas and the class took a vote on which ones they liked. Mine didn’t make it through to the final few.

When designing them I had in mind that I wanted a stamp effect so that it would look similar to how a letter was traditionally stamped with a wax stamp. Even thought these weren’t used, they were in a way the starting point for the design of the chosen logo that was created with the same stamp idea in mind, so it was worked off the same platform. I think these were good to get the group thinking in the initial stages to get an idea of what the kinds of things we had been talking about having would look in the form of a logo. I used photoshop to create these from my designs with the help of my sister who is a second year A-level graphics student. She helped me explore which different fonts might work.


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