Lesson three

As I was unable to attend the third session due to hanging my work for the degree show, I looked at the lesson information on moodle. There was a talk on creative enterprise in which it stated; “ The self-employed creative freelancer needs to be their own marketing, PR and finance department – as well as carry out the core creative business.” Highlighting that we must not forget to utilise our non-creative skills as well. Key points were to research and identify who your audience / customers are which we have done in previous assignments. Also to make good use of promotion and networking to market your work. Then price your work to cover expenses and make a living once you do have customers. There was also practical advice about doing your own accounts and tax when you are self-employed.

Jacqui then also spoke about creative enterprise and starting your own business. She spoke about managing realistic expectations of starting a business, starting small because it is easier to grow than to shrink and sometimes working an additional job to pay the bills. I do see my future career taking the form of my own business because I already see myself as a product with the dyslexia awareness I have been doing and plan to role out to schools and universities. So I will consider this advice when marketing my ideas to potential employers.


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