Lesson 1

Jacqui introduced the module 354MC as being all about us thinking about ourselves. She said it doesn’t matter whether we want to go into photography or not, the next few sessions will guide us through the thought processes of deciding what to do next.

Stephan from the university handed out some leaflets about the M.A.’s that are available to us including photography, media, communication or journalism. Although an M.A. can give you the edge over other candidates when going for all jobs, I would only want to do an M.A. with a specific job in mind. At this point I’m unsure what I want to do so I want to go out and work for a while first before I decide if I want to continue my education.

Jacqui then continued to discuss career ideas with us. She explained that in the current job market we are all likely to try a range of working styles before we settle in one that we like, for example part-time work, freelance, self-employed, graduate schemes, voluntary work, placements etc. She also explained that we will be creating a CV and a portfolio to help us to access these opportunities.

Before doing this she encouraged us to think of a five year plan of where we want to be and then create a CV and portfolio with this in mind. But that we may need to have several different versions of our CV to relate to different jobs. When writing these documents she advised us to think of ourselves as a business / a product, and that we are advertising ourselves. Then to target these documents at the right people, by keeping up to date with contacts through social media networking.


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