Invites and Opening Night

I sent emails, used Twitter when tweeting about my project (adding the exposure 24 hash tag to raise interest) and gave invitations to people that I wanted to come to the degree show. I wanted everyone to come that had been involved in the project so I invited them, it was nice to see them on the night enjoying seeing how their work fitted into the finished project. I invited schools and staff that I had worked with previously on other projects for them to see this work. I also invited other photographers that I have made contacts with during the course. Although some people couldn’t come on the opening night it was nice that they had planned to come on other nights to enjoy the work.

I was nervous on the opening night; firstly because I didn’t know if the people I had invited would turn up, secondly because people might not understand or get my work and ask me questions about it. I didn’t think I would be as nervous as this, but after a while I began to find it easy to talk to people about my work. It was great to hear feedback about the work and other people’s ideas and experiences of dyslexia. It was also nice to see people interacting with presentation on the computer because I was worried that might get overlooked. I think the opening night had a great feel to it. I actually had to stay there for the whole night because it was my turn to staff and close it, but in the end I was glad I stayed until the end because I met more of other people’s guests who were also interested in my work. I’m glad that I was a part of the degree show. At times during the beginning planning stages I had wished I wasn’t a part of it, but actually I really enjoyed it.


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