Installing the work

Once the whole gallery and my plinth was painted any my area was ready I could start to prepare for hanging my work. Because in my work I said that I wanted it pinned, I bought two boxes of gold pins and I knew that I didn’t need hammers etc. All I needed was the pins, string, a spirit level, a pencil, rubber and a ruler. When thinking about what level to position the work I started by sweeping the floor to make sure there was no dust, then I laid the images out on the floor for the total size. I wanted the middle row of images to be at eye level. Having measured this to be approximately 160cm from the ground I then made a series of marks with the pencil at that level and pinned a piece of string at either end which should give a straight line when pulled tight. I checked this with the spirit level before drawing in the line with a pencil as a guide to putting the images up. I then started by pinning my first portrait image up, measuring 2cm across from that to pin my adjacent landscape image up, measuring 4cm up from that one and again 2cm from the portrait one to position them evenly. I repeated that process for each image. It took all day to put all 73 images up which was very tiring, but I was very pleased with the outcome. It worked really well and I was happy with the positioning despite being the first person to start and the last person to end.


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