Helping Curating the degree show

Since the end of the book group, I have taken on the role of curator for the degree show alongside Dean O’Brien. We visited the Lanchester  Gallery to measure up, note where doors, windows, power points and pillars were and introduced ourselves to Sadie Kerr (the Gallery’s curator) from this it was good to see the size of the gallery and to understand from Sadie the best way of using the space. Then I put myself forward to make a scale size model of the gallery. Paul emailed me a floor plan of the gallery that I would have to scale down. I decided to make the model out of foam board so that it would be light to move around, but when deciding what size to do it I didn’t want it to be too small to see the images, but didn’t want it too big to move around.

Scaling down working out:

Image of model:

Once I had made the model I communicated via Facebook on the photography group page how to size down their images and for them to bring them in. On the first week no one brought them in, then on the second week only a couple of people brought their images in. I had a lot of emails off people saying they couldn’t resize them or get to Coventry to hand them in. I stressed why it was important to get these in, but still not everyone seemed bothered. It was a shame really as I had gone to a lot of hard work making the model and it would have been nice to be able to see everyones images to work with. My worry was, when placing people in the gallery with no scaled images to work with we might not know what they require. These worries came true when allocating the spaces with Sadie. She was asking us what each persons work looked like and we didn’t know so were having to do some of the work blindly. But i do feel that we did a good job and when dean created a paper layout of the initial plan to put on facebook, no one had any objections and seemed happy. I knew that three of us needed power points; me, Nicola and Donna. At the beginning there was some discussions on who would have the room as at first me and Dean thought bot of them could exhibit in the room, but actually because the work was so different Sadie said it wouldn’t work. We left Sadie and Greg to discuss with the girls different solutions for this from their previous experience. In the end Nicola was happy with the decision to exhibit in the opposite corner of the gallery to me so that even though we were in the same room people would still be able to hear each through the headphones.

After speaking to Greg I arranged to come in to paint my plinth for the degree show. When I was there I found out that there was no-one else in the gallery getting ready for the degree show. This worried me as we only had three days until the opening night. I spoke to Dean to tell him there was a lot of preparation work to be done in the gallery, so him and Paul sent out an email to tell everyone they needed to come in the next day. On the day not everyone came, bit the people that did all pulled together to work as a team and get all the walls painted. It’s a shame that not everyone was there but we didn’t let this get in the way. We had to try not to get paint on the floor and if we did we had to clean it off but by the end of the day it looked really clean and tidy. I think it was a wise decision to paint all the walls again to give it a fresh look.


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