Evaluation of Blog

Here is the link of the blog that I have created for people with dyslexia to enable them to add positive feedback and their thoughts about dyslexia. I am very pleased with how the blog is looking. I feel that I have made it dyslexic friendly by giving the viewer different options on how to communicate. I delivered a talk at Langley school where I showed them the blog to get their feedback. They really liked the sound option on each of the posts because it avoided the need to read and enabled the viewer to get quick access to the information. I originally put the sound option after the text however the students said they would prefer this option to be before the text because they felt it would be the most used and popular option of the site because most dyslexics would find this an easier way to access the information. They loved the way that they were able to leave their messages visually by using flickr, vimeo, and soundcloud. One student told me that he is always put off and discouraged when websites ask you to communicate through email. So this site was great in the way it allowed other ways to communicate. They also liked the fact that you could meet other people with dyslexia on the site.  The students said that they would use this blog. I was very happy and encouraged with this informative feedback.

The photographers with dyslexia that I contacted through twitter did say that they would like to be involved with this project, however I have noticed that to date nothing has been uploaded onto the site and I am going to investigate to find out if this is a problem with the site or people just being slow to respond.

From attending the phonar classes I have gained a lot of information and learnt a lot. I have found this incredibly interesting and useful because it has taught me how to create a community and how to use all the different technologies that are available that can be used to your advantage. For example, how to make a photo film which was a new concept to me and I feel now that I will use this again and again because it enables me to add more detail to the information that I want to display. When reflecting on my classes phonar has made me completely rethink the work that I am doing and what I want to achieve from this work. I feel that phonar has given me the tools and the ability to examine an issue very close to my heart and a way to communicate to my specific audience.

I feel that this has given me a platform with the potential to reach out to people with dyslexia and build a community around an issue. My classes and what I have learnt on them has given me the confidence to take this idea forward.

Connor’s Story Blog: http://thisisconnorsstory.wordpress.com/


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