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When trying to come up with the idea of a name for the blog where people would interact, sharing their positive stories about being dyslexic I found this very difficult. At first I thought about having because the reason I’m so interested in this project is because I myself am dyslexic and it was a personal project. When talking to Matt, he didn’t feel it really worked as the work that I was doing was with dyslexic students. Also when speaking to Jonathan he thought I should make it quite personal by using one of the children’s names. So I thought if I used Connor’s name because he was the first dyslexic child that I worked with which would give a personal story to the blog and allow other people to open up and put their stories on. But since having my feedback from the class, they didn’t really feel it worked with all the info on the site, they thought that it should include the word dyslexia such as ‘dyslexia project’. I can understand their opinion and agree with it because I have been doing so much work with the dyslexic students so for me it is a project. But I want it to be a growing project because I want people to interact. I think the name is always going to be a difficult thing and something I will probably change again, I just need to give some more thought to where I want this to lead.


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