“A Day in the Life”

For my assignment “A Day in the Life” I have created a film to demonstrate how the student with dyslexia sees things from their own perspective in the school environment.

In the “Border Film Project” Mexican migrants were given cameras by researchers to record their own experiences from where they were standing rather than the view of the media viewing from the outside looking in. The reality can be very different for the person experiencing the situation; you can see two very different perspectives from both within and outside the situation. I wanted to do something similar with the students who were in the Langley SPLD unit.

All too often when we hear the word dyslexia it is associated with problems, reading, writing, low self esteem and bullying. These can be very negative viewpoints from people who do not experience dyslexia.

I wanted to enable students to show what dyslexia means to them, how does it feel to be in school with dyslexia? I gave the students cameras to take pictures, recorders to record the sound of the school and suggested that they might like to write a poem of what dyslexia means to them. The task was met with enthusiasm by the students and this film is the result of their efforts. It demonstrates a very different personal perspective which is more positive than we are used to.

As one line in the poem states; “I am not dumb, I learn in a different way”

I hope you enjoy the film.



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