Students taking control

Ok here we go! I gave the students disposable cameras and we had a long discussion that if there was any rude images or images of them and their friends smiling that was not appropriate for what I have asked them to do then I would not be happy and would give them a months detention. They seemed to be very excited about having a camera and being able to photograph about how they felt at school. They were all-raring to go and told me different ways of how they could use the camera. We’d discussed about different levels i.e. f we were standing up high how that could portray an image and if we were low on the ground how that would portray. I sent five students out with each of them having a disposable camera, and one girl had a recording device where she would record the different sounds in the school. I didn’t go out with them because I didn’t want to influence what they record and what they take. They all ran out the classroom, I had never seen them so excited about doing this task. For me though, the sitting and waiting felt like forever as I was thinking I hope they take the right sort of images and haven’t just gone for a play around and if this doesn’t work what am I going to do next? When they came back they were excited saying “Miss, you wont believe what images I got” and ‘I cant wait to see them”. And it was nice to see them get so excited about something because they were still communicating something but it wasn’t through reading and writing. The one restriction I gave on their images was not to take photographs of the other students so headshots because then I would need permission off them and their parents to use the images and then it gets complicated. But it is quite interesting in looking at the images that some of them have photographed their bodies but without the head in shot. That did make me laugh. And one student did say to me “you can still use the image because it’s just a body”. So below you can see all of the images that the students produced and the sound.

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