Poems by dyslexic students

With some of the dyslexic students I work with I asked them to write a poem about being dyslexic. I could get a hundred different stories off each of them about being dyslexic and they could talk about it forever. I felt if I gave them a poem so that we had to have structure in it that they could get their key points out and they could think about exactly what they wanted to say. They really enjoyed doing this as they had learnt how to write poems previously with their English teacher. I sat down with them and helped them write their poems, it was hard not putting my influence on it with their poems but was great to hear different peoples stories and emotions. It was great to see their fighting power in not letting dyslexia stop them. I think this proves and highlights what I talked about before that dyslexia doesn’t have to be a negative thing. If you get the right help and support then the world is your oyster. Dyslexia only becomes a problem when the right support isn’t put in place. And the students that I work with and myself are living proof of that. And this is why I have such a strong passion when it comes to dyslexia. This is why I think we should all shout out about the positive things of dyslexia.




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