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I sat down with Matt and discussed my ideas about what I actually want with making this site. I told him that I was very nervous and a bit daunted about making this and worried if people would interact as such. He sat me down and showed me how Phonar worked. It was nice to see that actually some of the ideas I was having were already being used in Phonar and that I could pull some of those ideas to make them into my own. So for example, how they have groups for vimeo, flickr, soundcloud and how using these social sites can work on a blog. Matt told me that he thought a wordpress site would probably work best for now rather than making a complete site from scratch. That actually was quite a relief for me because I’m not very good when it comes to coding on sites (I don’t know if this is because of my dyslexia and half the time I’ve spelt it wrong). I feel a lot more comfortable with this as I have made blogs before and the issue that I thought I would have of adding sound to each piece of writing that I put on a post isn’t as hard as I thought because soundcloud will work on wordpress, that is a good thing. Its just going to take more time adding sound to every piece of text that I put, but I do feel this a must for a dyslexic website. Fingers crossed it all works out in the end.

The other thing I was worried about was that people wouldn’t communicate on it, that I’d make this site and then it would just sit there. Jonathan helped me by sending out a Tweet asking for dyslexic photographers, it was amazing to see how far this Tweet went and see how many times it got re-tweeted and I got emails back saying people wanted to help that was even more surprising. I have sent an email out to people asking if they would like o help me. Here is the email below.


I am a third year photography student at Coventry University. I am looking into dyslexia in different ways to communicate other than reading and writing. I am building a blog to advertise all the good and positive things about being dyslexic and how it feels to be a dyslexic. This blog will hopefully help children that have found out they are dyslexic or parents that have a child who is dyslexic that it is not all doom and gloom.

I am myself dyslexic so i feel this would help other dyslexics. Where I need your help is I want to get lots of people shouting about the positive things of being dyslexic and showing the young children that there are different pathways to take and that you can achieve and that its not all about reading and writing. I want dyslexic children to start believing in themselves. I am working at a dyslexic school at the moment doing different workshops using photography to help build their confidence but still I feel this is not enough so I would be really grateful if you could help me.

If you would like to help could you create a short video or audio or images on who you are, what you do, when you found out you were dyslexic and how you have turned dyslexia to be a positive rather than a negative to get where you are today.

It would be great if you can help. I would like to stay away from words and do this message visually because i feel it would be better for the dyslexic children.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Larissa Grace

Email: larissa_jo-ann_grace@hotmail.com


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