What is already out there to help dyslexics?


From looking at what is already out there for dyslexics, the British Dyslexia Association website has got audio but you have to read to find it in order to activate it and it’s not the easiest way to find it and it is like a computer speaking it doesn’t flow so if you are not used to that software it could be harder to understand for dyslexics.

 this is the first page of thier website, first I click where the arrow is.

After reading the information text then look for the button which i found.

Then this bar comes up and you highlight the text and it will read to you.


So I do feel that this could be better but with all things this does take time and there are so many different software’s out there it can be confusing for the person building the site which one is best going to work. As well, if the person building and designing the website isn’t dyslexic themselves it’s sometimes better to have a dyslexic input.


Other websites that are offering help to dyslexics haven’t got audio on it’s just writing or a phone number, which I still feel myself as a dyslexic isn’t greatly helpful. As well if you want to leave messages on these websites you have to write them or send an email, there is nothing like upload your message now and send so I still think this is going to put off a dyslexic user.


As well there are people out there that are dyslexic that are making their own blogs. Talking about their experience and different ways of coping etc. This is great but still this seems to be in written form too with only the odd video.


If we think about dyslexia it is a reading and writing difficulty. It is great that people are making these sites and offering great support and different networks but I feel it could still be even better. I feel myself being a dyslexic viewing these sites that I can understand what it is to be a dyslexic because I am one. It would be great to have a site that is running off audio and video either without the writing or where the audio comes first and have both not just one. It would be great if there was a site out there that was showing all the positive things about having a dyslexia, building a community online where you can see all the positive things about having dyslexia and not the negatives. I still haven’t found a site that is working as described above and maybe this is something that I should think about starting.


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