From my research…

From what we have done in the Phonar classes and from looking at Wendy Ewald’s work that she did with children; and looking at the book ‘The Border Film Project’ it has made me think of different ways of trying to put my point across about dyslexia. At first I thought I would photograph these children and record their stories and have audio going along the top, but actually I want to do this completely differently. I feel choosing this way Id be doing the safer option, and looking at the different ways of telling a story that we have been taught what would happen if I gave the children the camera and the audio and I became an editor and then built the story based on the information they had given me, what would happen then? To be honest this absolutely scares the hell out of me because I am actually giving them my work and I have never been an editor as such. And I’m worried if I have nothing to work with because we have to remember they are only aged eleven so they could be quite immature abut this. But I am willing and am going to take this risk because if it works then I think I’m onto something new and exciting and brilliant.

As well I want to go further than the classroom, I want to start a blog where anybody can put their stories on so working on the same platform as Phonar is working. I want people to be able to put their stories, images or audio up about dyslexia but I want it to be all positive things. I don’t want it to be about the negative side of dyslexia. I want this site to be where we are proud and we shout out about being dyslexic, I’m hoping it will create a kind of community for dyslexics. The reason I’m making this is when I found out I was dyslexic I felt there was no one else that was and all I got told was about the negative side; that I can’t read, can’t write, it will be a fight for me but id get there in the end if I work hard etc. So I feel that if there’s a site out there that has got all sorts of people talking about the positive side that this will be beneficial to the dyslexic children and their families. I don’t know if this will work but I do know that everything will have audio with it and I will try and make it audio, mostly visual for the dyslexics to use easily. Only time will tell. Feels a bit daunting making this site.


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