Assignment: “A Life in the Day”

Now that I have completed all the tasks for Phonar it’s got me thinking about the last assessment task that has been set “A life in the day”. Through my Phonar experience I have touched upon personal experiences that happened to me when I was younger and are still happening to me now: The issue of dyslexia. I have been working in a school mentoring dyslexic students and it made me realize that there are still some issues that have not been answered.

Each of these children have got a story to tell, have got an experience that has affected them from being dyslexic. These are stories and issues that I feel get pushed to the side. When you hear about people being dyslexic you hear about the negative things; they can’t read, can’t write, get bullied, don’t make friends and you don’t seem to hear the positive things that come with dyslexia. I think for this assignment I want to look at the dyslexic students and get their feelings across about being dyslexic. From being in the Phonar classes I have learnt that it’s not all about the picture, that there are other ways you can tell a story through using sound, video, making photo-films, websites, social networking. There are so many other layers that you can add to that photo which give more experience to the viewer. This is something that I want to try and succeed in my assignment.


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