Creative Workshop 5: Transformative storytelling task

This weeks task we had to use found images that we had not taken ourselves and create a narrative and put audio with the images. I decided to look at family photographs. I had a number of ideas at first. I still wanted to link it with my dyslexia story. One of my ideas was to use photographs that had been taken of me and my sister growing up and have audio of my sister talking about how she was affected by having a dyslexic sister whilst she was growing up. My other idea was to have photographs from both generations of my mum and dads family and have my thoughts from when I look at the images. When I look at family photographs i think, did that person have dyslexia? or is that person carrying the gene? so the video below is family photographs of both sides of the family with my feelings and thoughts on looking at these photographs as the voice over. The reason I chose to do this narrative is I like the difference between old back and white photographs and the colour photographs.



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