My video for Creative Workshop 3: Unphotographable Phiction (sic) Task

This weeks task we had to use one of  Michael David Murphy’s unphotographables. I chose Sunday Morning Sun Shield. Below is the text.

This is a picture I did not take of a woman waiting for a bus on a freezing morning in February, sun so bright in her face she shielded her eyes with a well-worn, black leather-bound Holy Bible.

I’ve chosen this one because we had a really old well worn black holy bible that had been passed down through generations on my mums side of the family and thought that this would be quite interesting to photograph because in the bible when the next person has been given it they have recorded their name and the date they inherited it inside the cover. As well as this people have left things in the bible such as a paper cross and notes so I thought these would be interesting to photograph too.

Overall I really enjoyed this task and enjoyed not just thinking about taking photographs but capturing sound as well and then asking  photo-film together.

Below is the video I made.


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