Early History of photography talk

In class, Nicola and Bijash gave an interesting talk about the early history of photography. They showed how the first man-made images were recorded on cave walls and this kind of drawn expression might relate to my research (in the timeline development of communication). Then the first manufactured reproductions of imagery were created by Roger Fenton to document war. Other photographers around at the time of 1861 included Paul Nadar who documented American civil war. Around this time halftone was developed which enabled print copying and thus the birth of documentary photography.  They found early production of photo stories from Lewis Hine’s book published in 1890 depicting stories of poverty and perhaps things that needed to be addressed. The emergence of photography equipment empowered more photographers to become authors of photo stories such as Lothar Rubelt who captured emotion of subjects faces behind the front line of the war instead of typical action images.

From the talk I can see how the development of printing equipment enabled photographers to present their work with a little more control than before. Although still heavily edited by newspapers, some stories were reaching the intended audience of the public in the way that the photographers wanted them to.


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