Branding the post-feminist self by Sarah Banet-Weiser

After reading Sarah’s article about girls video production and YouTube I have realised the power that the internet has given us to brand ourselves and that YouTube’s tool to broadcast yourself has become a way to brand yourself. The examples that Sarah brings our attention of the way young girls are doing this raises the questions; what are the limits and is this wrong.

In a medium where you can create a self-portrait or online identity of any sort, the fact that young girls seem to be using the internet to portray themselves and be praised inline with the extreme gender stereotypes we only see in celebrities or toy dolls is increasingly concerning. In the context of parents sharing their children’s talents for a bit of fun it is innocent but the people uploading these videos also have a responsibility to consider who is viewing these videos in a new media which we don’t yet know the future extensions of. Parents could ask themselves ‘would they let their child perform like this in-front of a paedophile?’ and how is YouTube with it’s online audience any different.

From reading this it has made me question things on YouTube and at the same time it made me think about the people that are uploading these videos. With the capabilities of video-phones what control do we have over who captures and uploads this kind of footage. This is changing the way we use videos for example some schools have stopped parents videoing their own child’s performances in schools because of the worry it could be shown in the wrong light or fall into the wrong hands.


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