Project Evaluation

Having done this project I found some areas that I am strong and weak at. I feel that my essay took up all of my time so that I did not achieve the best result that I could have.

I focussed too much on getting the clothes and style right, and possibly did not give my photography skill a lot of thought in the rush to finish the both projects. Also at the last minute my hair and makeup artist let me down.

Because doing studio was new to me I originally thought my studio shots were better than my location ones. However looking back I can see that my location shots were the strongest images. Also the critique helped me to see how I could improve in my work by applying the rule of 3rd.

Therefore I have learnt that a consideration of my photography skills are extremely important and this will be a high priority in future projects.

I enjoyed experimenting with fashion photography, however I still really enjoy documentary. I do not think that fashion photography as a specific genre is my area of interest but this professional experience has made me realise that I most enjoy photographing people. So perhaps the next stage for my future development would be to look at portraiture.

One thing I have learnt is that I am stronger when doing location than I am at doing studio shoots. I have a unique style when doing location shots and I am pleased with the final results of the winter scenery in my fashion images. However I do not feel that I have strong skills when doing a studio shoot. Perhaps in the future I will be able to work on this so that I also have a unique style when working in studio.


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