Group critique

When I showed my work in class Paul was not happy with my images. He said that you could see I had put a lot of thought into the clothes and makeup but that I had not put much thought into my photographic skills. He did not like the way that I edited the images and said that because of the positions the model poses in her eye line should not be in the centre.

After this critique I went to have a one to one tutorial with Paul as I was a bit confused and wanted to know where I should go from here as the hand in date was so close.

I showed Paul the studio shots from the fashion shoot and the ones that I shot on location. He said that the studio ones did not follow the rule of 3rd, and said that my images would look better if the model’s eye line appeared a 3rd of the way in, rather than in the middle. He said that my location images were much better so I decided to use these as my final images, and I edited them so that the model’s eye line is a 3rd of the way in. I brought down the colours as I did not want them to be so bright. I wanted the location to be a winter scene with a dreamlike quality.


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