Notes on 80s style on trial DVD.

  • Power dressing, experimentation, fun the new, the individual, the strength of the women.
  • men could experiment with masculinity. Hip-Hop and Black culture influenced 80s fashion.
  • the trainer, the hoody. in mainstream fashion it was about power dressing but in streets fashion there was a quest for individuality.

There was alot of anti-establishment feeling. Poeple expressed themselves through clothes, dance, and film. Poeple responded to this depressed England by dressing up.

Punk had worn itself out. There were new things happening with elecronics. big hair, blonder hair, tanned skin- all very fashionable (the george michael look)

Before the 80s bands who dressed up a lot were not written about in magazines like they were in the 80s. the magazine ‘I.D’ really focussed on this.

People expressed political vies with thier clothes. (anti-missile T-shirts). People wore logo as a way of expressing what they were like.

80s designers were very good at promoting themselves through the retail experince. Did ranges of perfumes and accessories. Calvin Klein used sex to sell their products (underwear adverts of muscley men etc)

Hip-hop gave us the stylish tracksuit and trainer, also mens jewellery. By the end of the decade most people owned an addidas tracksuit.

It was the first decade where women were able to show thier power. First time women had more toyboys. Men could embody their feminity- could wear make up. Women had found the right to cross-dress.

Today the hard-edged outlines of 80s outfits are in fashion.

80s fashion items:

  • the pussycat bow
  • poppers sometimes replaced buttons
  • ra-ra and puffball skirt
  • bum-bag
  • shell-suit (bright colours)



Discussing 1980s fashion (Style on trial 2009).


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