Fashion inspired by the 1980’s style. Studio work.

Here are my images that I did in the studio. I used modern clothes that incorporate aspects of 80s fashion such as:

Shoulder pads

Bright colours


I had to do the hair and makeup myself in the end because the student that agreed to help me pulled out at the last minute. This worried me because I did not want this to let my images down. However I feel that I did a good job.

In the morning I had to run out and buy blue eye shadow for the model’s 80s makeup, but luckily I already had the right foundation as well as black and white eye shadow to complete the look myself.

I was lucky as well because my mum put the rollers in my sister’s hair in the morning before she went to work, so I could complete the curled, backcombed styles. Also I already had crimpers and knew how to use them.

I did not want to copy the 80s look but wanted to take aspects of 80s fashion and incorporate them into my modern fashion images. I feel that my images below have achieved this.



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One response to “Fashion inspired by the 1980’s style. Studio work.

  1. Your studio work for 1980’s fashion works really well! You have managed to capture and use all of the colours and the attitude that they had back then. I think you did well in researching all the different parts such as the hair and make up as well as the clothes and pulled it all together really well.

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