Explaining my thoughts and reason for my 80s fashion images.

I chose to use a neutral background in my fashion shoot because most of the fashion images I had researched were also created with neutral backgrounds. I saw that this had a good effect at bringing out the colour of the garments and decided to use the same in my shoot.

The other reason I did the shoot in a studio was because for my previous fashion shoot I did this in location (the Hotel), as well as previous projects, so this time I used the studio to see if it gave the images a different feel, and to see if I liked working in this way.

I decided to use a white background as this would bring out the colours, because I wanted the clothes to stand out. I did not want a busy, patterned background because I did not want the viewer to be distracted from the garments and the model.

I did not want to create 80s photographs, I wanted to take aspects of 1980s fashion, so I did the hair and make up in the 80s style, but in a toned down version. I used fabric, textures and colours that would have been used in the 80s, and incorporate 80s fashion, but still work well with the fashions of today.

I enjoyed working in the studio and I am happy with the images that I achieved. I like the look because I feel that the images look professional and I enjoyed having any photography equipment to hand, whereas when you are working on location you are restricted to the equipment you have with you. I would not say that I prefer one to the other but I enjoy working with both location and studio. However to create a more professional 80s fashion feel I think that the studio works better.


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